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2012 Inflation Rate Positively Affects the Economic Condition

Hedwi Prihatmoko

January 02, 2013 15:44

bisnis indonesia

JAKARTA: The annual inflation rate in 2012 which reached 4.3% is rated as positive indicator for Indonesian economic development.

Finance Minister Agus D.W. Martowardojo said the 2012 inflatiion rate is still positive as it’s still in line with government’s plan and the Central Bank target of 4.5% ± 1%

“It’s better than we had planned before, we expect this to be a good indicator,” he said after opening the first day trading of Jakarta Composite Index in 2013, today (1/2).

Related to the impact of electricity tariffs adjustment to the inflation, he said the government has prepared a separate calculation for the implementation of the policy.

“The electricity tariffs will be adjusted in 2013. We have taken in to account in case of any impact occurred to the inflation. The exchange rate weakening is not expected to significantly influence the inflation rate growth,” he said. (T07/TW)


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