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BRI-Pertamina to develop host-to-host system
Oleh Sekti Dewi Mayestika | 09 December 2010


JAKARTA: PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (persero) Tbk, a state-owned bank, is cooperating with Pertamina EP to develop a host-to-host system.

The system facilitates the company to provide data of the state oil company’s vendors.

Director of Micro, Small, and Medium Business in Bank BRI Djarot Kusumayakti said that the cooperation will give the company easier access to initial data required to analyze bank credits and guarantees to the vendors assigned for Pertamina’s projects.

“The cooperation proves that Bank BRI is committed to providing credit of working capital for the vendors of Pertamina EP in Indonesia,” he said today.

He added that through this cooperation, the process of credit disbursement to Pertamina’s vendors would be easier. Moreover, he mentioned that the company could reduce cost of risk as the system application simplifies the credit disbursement.

“It is easier for us to determine which debtors [Pertamina’s vendors] are recommended or not. So, we don’t need to re-analyze,” he said.

The partnership with Bank BRI also covers other banking facilities, such as auto collection system that enables airlines to buy aviation fuel from Pertamina through BRI’s working units.(T04/NOM)


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