bank t4 ngendon DUIT … 091110

Deposits dominate growth in third party fund
Senin, 08/11/2010 20:00:26 WIB
by: Hendri T. Asworo
JAKARTA: Compared with demand deposits and savings, deposits dominate growth in third party funds in the past ten months.

According to Bank Indonesia’s data per 27 October 2010, banks’ third party funds reached IDR2,149.74 trillion, up 17.94% or IDR179.3 trillion from IDR1,974 trillion last year.

Hence, the gain was dominated by deposits which reached IDR101.92 trillion or 56.8% from total third party fund growth. The sum of deposits was IDR1,002.79 trillion. Savings and demand deposits rose IDR49.77 trillion and IDR27.61 trillion, respectively. Savings in total amounted IDR652.51 trillion while demands deposits was IDR494.44 trillion.

Deposits grew significantly as its year-on-year contribution was 43.92% or IDR137.58 trillion. Savings grew IDR121.16 trillion or 38.67% from total growth in third party fund.(T05/NOM)


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